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Converting Fonts to Outlines
Text can be converted to curves (paths) in some graphics programs. This will fix upload errors that result when fonts are not embedded in your file. Following these easy steps will help ensure that your text prints clearly.

How to convert fonts to outlines in Adobe Illustrator
  • Select all text.
  • Click Type Menu > Type > Create Outlines
  • Text now has a blue outline.
  • Save a copy and re-upload.

File Requirements:
For Digital printing, Files that work best are .eps, .ai, .pdf, .jpeg, .tif, .tiff and many other formats. Typically 300 DPI or higher is suitable for most signs and decals. Set up charges may apply to unusable or file that needs work.
EPS and AI Vector, PSD, PNG and some PDF files are the only files we can print and contour cut (cut on edge of graphic) please supply CS3 or lower, Vector PDF’s will also work.

Vector vs. Raster
  • What are Vector Images?
  • Vector images use mathematical equations to define each component of an image. This allows vector images to retain their high-quality at any size. When possible, use vector graphics created in a desktop publishing program.
  • What are Raster Images?
  • A raster image is composed of a collection of tiny dots called pixels. When these pixels are small, and placed close together, they fool the eye into forming a single image. Raster images work well when subtle gradations of color are necessary. Because they contain a fixed number of pixels, a major disadvantage of raster images is that their quality suffers when they are enlarged or otherwise transformed. They are also large in file size.

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